Terms and Conditions

mailmarks.com Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully as by using services and offerings from mailmarks.com, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Registration and sign up
After signing up with mailmarks.com, you will become the service user and avail services offered through different plans by purchasing and paying appropriate amounts mentioned on the website.

Account credentials
You are responsible for keeping account information and related credentials e.g. username, password etc. confidential. You will not reveal such information to anyone. However, you may share your email id to mailmarks.com support staff or mention in your communications enabling them to help you resolve issues related to your account. You will not share your password to even mailmarks.com support staff. 

Plans and Payments
To avail our services, you are required to choose a plan relevant to your requirements and make payments through Credit Cards, Debit Cards or Netbanking services which is processed through authentic Payment Gateway Service Provider chosen by us. Plans and pricing are mentioned on mailmarks.com website prominently and could be changed in future based on costing incurred on the services. After completion of the Plan period, your services will be stopped and you will be required to renew your services through choosing a Plan and making payments. You may also be offered free Coupons, Promo Codes etc. time to time to use service free of cost as mentioned in the coupon for promotional purposes.  You should be aware of following while making payments to renew your plan:

• Plans once chosen and payments are made cannot be changed or refunded 
• Plans are renewed immediately after the payment is successfully authenticated and collected by our Payment Gateway Service Provider 
• In case if the Payment is processed and the amount deducted from your Credit Card/Debit Card/Bank Account, and payment details are not updated in your Mailmarks account due to session expiration, internet connectivity or any other technical reason, you should notify Mailmarks Support and after confirmation of receipt of your payment, your account will be updated between 15 minutes and 24 hours time. 

Contents of your Newsletter Emails
You are strictly advised not to use any contents which is considered as spam defined by spamhaus.org within your newsletter emails. mailmarks.com reserve right to deactivate your account any time if such contents are observed sent through your account. You will send newsletters to your subscribers who agree to receive emails from your account. You will not use any third party contact list without subscriber's approval. Upon receiving request to unsubscribe by your subscribers, you will immediately unsubscribe the subscriber from your list and will not send any future emails from your account. If we receive any communication from any of your subscribers reporting spam from your account, we may deactivate your account without disclosing any related information.

Privacy Policy
We may use information according to our Privacy Policy

Return of Services and refund
You are advised to try and review demo account before creating your account and making payment so that you are completely satisfied with suitability of services to your requirements. The url of login to demo account is provided on mailmarks.com website.  However, in case if you opted to use the services and after making payments you have not started using the services and you wish not to use the services further and upon receiving your request, we will refund the amount after deducting surcharges levied.  

Cancellation and refund
Mailmarks will make sure to provide un-interrupted services except during the events of up-gradation or maintenance of the system. To ensure smooth system operations and to prevent abuse, you must not violate the guidelines while using the system. If any circumstances, the operations are impacted due to violations of the terms and conditions by you, your subscriptions might be cancelled and no refund shall be issued. 

Force Majeure
Due to any cause which is beyond our control, in case our services are affected, we should not be held responsible. However, in such circumstances we will inform you through communication or notice on our website about the reason and further schedules pertaining to our services.



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