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Setup In-House Dedicated Fast SMTP Server with Newsletter Application on your System

A one time cost will facilitate you send unlimited volume for lifetime with high inbox delivery. Setting SMTP server to send bulk emails with high inbox delivery involves many configurations due to the fact that email service providers like gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol etc. have applied many restrictions to avoid spamming while receiving marketing emails sent to their user's inbox. Our team will help you setup and configure dedicated fast SMTP Server on your system with online Newsletter application. Send your query on for more details.


Mailmarks offers Online Newsletter Application which is simple but powerful enough to manage all your mass email and newsletter management. From importing millions of contacts to creating newsletters and sending to different groups you define, all made very simple and intuitive. You can manage your contacts in short or long format, offer sign up and confirmation opt-in to your subscribers, add a 'Newsletter Subscribe' link to your home page to let your visitors sign-up for newsletters, are some of the common features. The list of features include: 

  • Options to send Newsletters from multiple email accounts
  • Options to use Mailmarks SMTP server or use your own SMTP server
  • Use in-built Newsletter Templates or create your own Templates
  • Create Newsletters in minutes
  • Send Newsletter in HTML or Text format
  • Test Newsletter in Inbox before sending
  • Create unlimited Groups of Subscribers
  • Add unlimited Subscribers in different Groups
  • No limit of sending Newsletters to Subscribers 
  • Unlimited server space for Newsletter Images
  • Quickly upload and insert images  
  • Send more than 30,000 Newsletter every hour
  • Pause while sending Newsletters and resume later
  • Newsletters read statistics
  • Analyze by watching who and when read newsletters
  • High Inbox delivery rate
  • Opt-in feature for Subscribers registration
  • Import contacts from MS Excel or CSV files
  • Personalized email for each subscriber with pre-defined Tags
  • Add unsubscribe link
  • Add online view link
  • Link Front-End Home to your website to allow visitors to subscribe
  • White label options 

Manage news bulletins and customizable subscriber website with your logo and link with your existing website. With all these features, the Pricing are way economical. We offer around 80% savings through different plans.

Learn more from Help and Watch Video Tutorials. You may like to Try Demo before Sign-Up.
You will have options to send newsletters from different email ids of your choice. This fulfills your requirement if you are an advertiser and managing multiple client portfolio. This also helps if you are looking to frequently send newsletters of different clients from single account, just change options and you are done.
You can track all your newsletter statistics with open, inbox clicks, online clicks details. Creating templates and newsletters are extremely simple and reusable. You can add contacts manually, import from other sources or get your subscribers signed up through your website.
Opt-in feature is the standard while sending promotional emails to your potential subscribers. You can link user registration plug-in to your website or attach the Newsletter Bulletin website to your existing website with your company logo. After subscribing to your newsletter, your subscribers get confirmation email and get activated only after clicking the link in the opt in email. While adding new contacts to the system, you also have options to send your subscriber op-in emails.


Increasing Sales with E-Marketing Strategies Email marketing improves income significantly by immediately appealing to prospect customers because it can be a sort of advertisement. That is why, it deserves a great deal of attention. Using this sort of marketing plan in a proper method is though the easiest way of creating it to work faster.
It's vital for companies to build brand awareness and trust among their clients. Weekly/Monthly e-newsletters can establish a credible source of information, which in return helps your clients build up their trust in your products/services.
you have endless options when sending an email campaign. From company newsletters, promotional offers, customer service announcements, invitations, follow-up emails or even member notices.


  • While preparing your contact list, add only those emails which exist and make sure email bounces are minimal. With every email returned, the delivery reputation is affected. To ensure better delivery clean up non-existent emails from your contacts time to time.
  • While composing the newsletter, you may test it by sending to various test emails like hotmail, gmail, yahoo, aol or other emails to see if they are passing spam test and not moving to spam folders. You may also like to consider enhancing contents and testing to improve inbox delivery while creating newsletters.
  • Consider sending to those only who mostly read your emails regularly.
  • Avoid using spam words in your newsletter subject and message body.
  • For better Inbox delivery and to avoid landing your emails to spam, we recommend to use your own domain as Website Email Address in the settings for sending bulk-emails and do not use email provider's domain like hotmail, gmail, yahoo etc. Add following spf record to the DNS records in your domain:

    v=spf1 ~all
Many email service providers observe behavior of receiving emails from a particular IP address and if a number of emails are received at the same time, they might block the IP temporarily. To avoid this, we control throttling by keeping some gap between sending your bulk-emails which is observed as better email delivery and thus you might observe sometimes slowness while sending your emails. If you are sending high volume emails, You have the option of sending it in different slots by pausing and re-sending at a later time. In case if you pause the sending, the application records unsent emails and sends those emails later when you re-send the Newsletter Campaign next time.
After login to your account you can upload and replace existing logos with your company logo to app-images folder. Use your logo dimension similar to the existing logos.
For all your queries, create new Support Ticket or comment existing Tickets login to Mailmarks Support Center.


You would like to view Demo of the System. Following are the details:

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Before giving a trial, please go through step by step tutorial for creating and sending Newsletters:

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Liked Demo! Now you can proceed to register. After completing your registration, you need to activate your account verifying your email. After when your account is activated, you can evaluate the system with creating or importing your contact list. You can send upto 1000 Newsletters within 14 days absolutely free.

To update your subscription, choose a plan according to your Marketing Newsletter requirements. Choosing longer duration plan will get you more discounts. Sign Up with your plan and follow the instructions to renew your subscriptions.


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  • 100 Emails
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  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • 30 Days


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  • 10,00,000 Emails
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • 30 Days
* Payments are accepted through Debit/Credit cards and the pricing is based on USD including handling charges and billed on INR equivalant to USD

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